you don't capture the light, the light captures you.


Almost Forgotten

A recent memory is almost forgotten under the growth of time.




Learning Photoshop for photo editing has caused me to discover new paths of opportunity for expression. I find myself branching out into using the app to draw, as much as I use it to edit my photos. Here is one abstract (or is it?) piece just finished:




Brick n’ Stack

wandering around affords unexpected opportunity.

Cold, but Warm

The paradoxical mountain air of summer

chills the skin,

but warms the heart.


of Blue and Red

My latest trip yielded some nice pics. Though not a trip dedicated to taking photos, I took shots while keeping on the move. The landscape seemed to do all the work. This was taken atop the Cathedral in Sedona, AZ, after an improvised approach to avoid the crowds. The pic is taken from the non-road much less traveled. Much to my liking!




Where the light is not

I won’t be posting for another week, so here is my “sending off” pic to myself until I return.