you don't capture the light, the light captures you.

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Honing In

Getting to shoot climbers is almost as fun as actually climbing.

Here, a climber hones in like a laser beam in a moment of intensified focus. Touch n’ go.


A Natural Frame

A natural world, a natural frame.

Almost Forgotten

A recent memory is almost forgotten under the growth of time.


Brick n’ Stack

wandering around affords unexpected opportunity.

Cold, but Warm

The paradoxical mountain air of summer

chills the skin,

but warms the heart.


Where the light is not

I won’t be posting for another week, so here is my “sending off” pic to myself until I return.

Hungry yet?

Shortcake and Mojitos! An unexpected foray into food photography. Fun, and harder than it seemed, especially in composing the shot in a dynamic setting (people were moving around the kitchen), finding the best manual settings and framing the shot. Some of my others were rejects due to too high ISO noise.