you don't capture the light, the light captures you.

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He Sees

Almost Forgotten

A recent memory is almost forgotten under the growth of time.


Brick n’ Stack

wandering around affords unexpected opportunity.

Cold, but Warm

The paradoxical mountain air of summer

chills the skin,

but warms the heart.


Where the light is not

I won’t be posting for another week, so here is my “sending off” pic to myself until I return.

Sunset Wall III

Finally, a close up of the wall at a more direct angle. I like how the rows seem to disappear into the shadows.

Sunset Wall II

Another study of light and dark contrast in natural light setting, here using a wider angle lens.

Sunset Wall I

Another study of light and dark contrasts in natural light setting.

Knoll of the Non-Conspirator

Lettin’ it all hang out…